[aprssig] Re: battery enclosure.

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Mon Apr 25 12:46:10 CDT 2005

<some ups's battery leads are floating  near ac line
voltage. At least my little apc that I have has warnings on it to that
effect. >

I used to deal with APC for UPSes. The bottom line is, they are full of
hocus-pocus and damned short on talking tech. They used to sell replacement
batteries to resellers so we could replace them in the field, including
return shipping for the lead. Then they started saying someone could get
shocked and killed bcause there is, after all, 117VAC in the UPS. Then they
stopped selling batteries, denied they ever had sold them, claimed user
replacement was terribly hazardous, and last time I dealt with them they
only used special proprietary battery cartridges--to guarantee you could
field replace batteries, but only if you bought them from APC. Users with
older UPSes are told they cannot simply replace the batteries, but must send
them in to APC's special exclusive service partner, who is the only company
on this planet able to replace the older batteries safely AND perform the
essential [sic] recalibration of the UPS so it will work properly with the
new battery. Another procedure they never used to say was necessary.

Sound like enough hocus pocus and snake oil to you?

I think somebody got zapped, sued them, and/or their marketing department
decided there were ways to capture their replacement business 100%.  I took
my business elsewhere, to Best/Patriot, where you can ask a tech question
and a tech will give you an honest answer to it. Never looked back.

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