[aprssig] Baker to Vegas Tomorrow...

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Apr 26 09:56:48 CDT 2005

> If there were a timestamp, the user must convert from UTC to local time
> zone, and then compare to his current time. and then he knows the data
> is x minutes/seconds old.

Only if the user WANTS the local time.  And you can always use some
Javascript tricks, too.  I wrote a launch countdown display once, and all
the existing countdown code I could find displayed the countdown based on
the local clock, without adjusting for time zones.  So I had the ASP page
behind it passing what the server had for the current time, and the
Javascript took the difference to calibrate the countdown.  It was generally
accurate to within a second or two.

But for simplicity, I'd rather see it output a UTC time somewhere on the


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