[aprssig] APRS and RF data modules

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 28 10:07:09 CDT 2005

>>> lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com 4/28/2005 10:43:42 AM >>>
>Using nothing but my mobile rig I can find it in under 
>an hour I am sure, once I get close enough to hear it. 
> If you dont believe this, see my omni-signal strength 
>DFing technique: (used by the CAP)


The correct URL is http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/dfing.html 

OOPs, so sorry.  Every club should do this.  Every ham
should become proficient at finding signals.  In this
clueless all wireless world, we have talents and should
hone them.  RF is everywhere.  Dont let interference 
signals frustrate you.  Go find them!

And dont think you have to have toys to do it!

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