[aprssig] Log Files and APRS-IS

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Fri Apr 29 05:38:06 CDT 2005

It appears that certain versions of different APRS software don't handle
log files properly when the software is connected to APRS-IS.
Specifically, the software gates the entire log file back to APRS-IS
during replay if the software is connected to a server.

So, to avoid creating misleading tracks, invalid weather reports, etc.
PLEASE DO NOT replay logs while connected to APRS-IS (APRS on the
Internet).  If you must replay a log, PLEASE disconnect your software
from APRS-IS while you do the replay.

Don't bother asking which software performs incorrectly.  I have no
intention of turning this into a slam-the-software thread.  Assume that
the software you are using performs this way and take the appropriate
steps (paragraph above) to prevent log replays from polluting the
APRS-IS data stream.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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