[aprssig] APRS Digipeter Design Questions

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Fri Apr 29 14:29:19 CDT 2005

On Apr 29, 2005, at 11:02 AM, Tapio Sokura wrote:

> Not really relevant to duplicate checking, but checking the digipeater 
> chain length might be a useful feature as well. I.e. if the packet has 
> already been digipeated n times, don't digipeat it again (or digipeat, 
> but truncate the rest of the path).

Good point.  It appears to me that effort spent duplicating UIDIGI 
functionality would be better spent coming up with an improved model 
that can do things like examine (and, if so desired, limit) the number 
of hops traveled by a packet.  And I mean do it for real, by some means 
other than playing games with aliases to make it drop packets, and be 
smart enough to catch and modify W7-7,W7-7,W7-7,W7-7 or other bad 

And since you're targeting the TNC-X daughter board slot, it would be 
pretty simple for this new device to be mounted on a different board 
and be _the_ digipeater smarts update/ source routing killer that APRS 
badly needs.


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