[aprssig] Object DENNI_ato Cannot Be Seen on RF Path

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Wed Aug 10 19:10:41 CDT 2005

At 10:15 AM 7/11/2005, I wrote:
>At 11:31 AM 7/10/2005, VE7GDH wrote:
>>Chris N4BSA wrote on 10/07/2005
>>>I'm with you - I think we've done more harm than good with some of these
>>>changes implemented. While this might have been a good solution for the
>>>NE corridor or California, I think we've crippled the network in areas 
>>>such as
>>>our own.
>>Chris - I sympathize, but I think that you must admit that changes were 
>>needed where there was lots of congestion on 144.390 MHz.
>         But the whole problem is that "everywhere" isn't as congested the 
> same, yet everybody wants to use the same 2-hop path all over the 
> country.  People are ignoring the actual conditions and just changing to 
> WIDE2-2 because "that's the new standard everywhere".
>         I suspect we've just seen the first hard evidence that this 
> subject wasn't thought through sufficiently before it was changed.

         Just had an interesting experience.

         Got home last night from a few days on the road, and switched from 
Propnet to APRS.  The situation has "greatly improved"!  I only see three 
stations on my map now -- BLKWTR, my truck, and my home.

         I guess the congestion problem is solved, but with the effect of 
totally killing APRS here.  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath 


Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk

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