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[aprssig] Re: APRS Standard Connectors?

John K9IJ k9ij at vx5.com
Thu Dec 1 01:56:12 UTC 2005

At 07:47 PM 11/30/2005, you wrote:

>Be careful about feeding power through the DB-9 connectors.
>I had a radio that provided +12V on it's accessory connector. I fed 
>it through my TT3 to power my GPS.
>I was programming the TT3 using the radio to power it. When I went 
>to plug back in the cable that went to the GPS, I blew a fuse in the radio.
>I had managed to short two pins on the male DB-9 with the outer 
>shield of the female DB-9 connector. I know I should have powered 
>everything off before reconnecting the GPS, but it would have 
>happened sooner or later since the TT3 case doesn't have room to put 
>screws and nuts on the DB-9 connectors and the GPS cable falls off a lot.

Suggest that you take a pair of pliers and 'slightly' pinch the sides 
of the db-9 male connector. Doesn't take much to make the fit snug 
enough that it won't pull out easily in normal use.

John - K9IJ

>Unfortunately, the fuse is soldered to a PCB inside the radio, so I 
>will have to find the right part and re-solder it. Fortunately it 
>didn't fry the GPS. I haven't had time to test the TT3, but I 
>worried it is fried too.
>I guess I wouldn't recommend the DB-9 as a standard connector.
>Neil Johnson


John Rice  K9IJ
k9ij at vx5.com
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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