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[aprssig] Re: APRS Standard Connectors?

Neil Johnson Neil.Johnson at erudicon.com
Thu Dec 1 03:00:01 UTC 2005


It's just easier to short pins because the outer "shell" of the 
connector is metal and the shape and size of the connector make it easy 
to brush against the pins with the "shell".

The PS/2 connectors have a metal "shell" but the pins are seated deeper 
in the connector so it's more difficult to short them.

I'll take quite a bit of the blame for the problem my self. I should 
have powered down everything before reconnecting the GPS, the adapter 
cable I built to convert from the accessory connector on my radio to the 
DB-9 is way to short, and I should of put the TT3 in a different kind of 
enclosure (No complaints about the blue box, but I realize now it wasn't 
appropriate for my installation).

I guess I should have said that I don't have a problem with using a DB-9 
connector as a standard for a data connector, just not for supplying power.

And John, thanks for the suggestion. I should have thought of that.

Neil Johnson, N0SFH

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>>Neil.Johnson at erudicon.com 11/30/05 8:47 PM >>>
>>...I had managed to short two pins on the male 
>>DB-9 with the outer shield of the female DB-9...
>>I guess I wouldn't recommend the DB-9 as a 
>>standard connector.
> But shorted pins are going to blow a fuse no matter
> what connector you use... (unless I missed something...)
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