[aprssig] Xastir install issues: The final episode!

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 03:33:41 CST 2005

> Ship me your computer and I'll do the install for you.
> Sounds like it would save you a lot just in raised blood pressure.
> Chris
> w0ep

Thanks for the offer Chris.

I think the international shipping charges would be prohibitive, it's
not a standard desktop, but something more "industrial" though it run's
standard MS Windows 2k..  <G>


I found all that, and eventualy found the cause of the problem.  When it
eventualy got to the stage of trying to start Xastir, it flagged a
missing DLL, "Curll-2.dll" I think.  So, I had to do it all again, and
download the Curll package also.  No idea what it is, but it made the
rest of Xastir install OK, and run!

Wes & Andre.

Yes, it had cached it on the hard drive, but as I had no luck
re-installing things from there, I eventualy let it do a full download
again from the net'.  

Well, that's what I thought I told it to do, I think it had some still
cached somewhere as it went a whole lot faster than the first time, with
about 10 mins "filling in the gap's" off the 'net.

OK, I had no other odd process running during the downloads and
install's, and have now after I think 4 attempts  (and finding the
missing DLL) got Xastir up and running.  I still need to fully configure
it, but I ran out if time last night, I do have other things to do...

One thing I have found, unrelated to Xastir, is that if you have
something running in the background, such as one of the Boinc projects
(Seti at home in this case) Xwindows doesnt start.  A minor issue, and
easily fixable, stop the bacground task first.

73 and thanks for the help.   Now it's up, I'll address any other Xastir
issues to one of the (now 5 I think) SIG's I have the address's of...

	Dave.  G0WBX.

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