[aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.2 notes

Jim Bradbury jim at bradbury.org
Thu Dec 1 15:56:04 CST 2005

The easiest way I found to refresh WinAPRS maps when they go blank:

1.  Run the cursor over the button area on the right side of the map window,
and the buttons will show up.

2.  Then, click on the "Show Altitude" button twice - Once to show
the map and the altitudes and once to turn off the altitudes.

-= Jim =-

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Subject: [aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.2 notes
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:49:35 -0600
From: Glenn Wiebe <ve4gn at mts.net>
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1) I sent Mark Sproul an email requesting a new registration number. I included
my full name, address and my existing reg. number. In a few days I had my new
number. All right!

2) The problem of the map NOT redrawing after minimizing and then maximizing
still exists, a real PITA! Sometimes H does it, other times not. If not I have
to select the map from Maps. It seems to me there is a key that does it every
time. What is it?


73 de Glenn...VE4GN

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