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[aprssig] HamHUD2 Rev E, final call for registration

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Fri Dec 2 02:53:48 UTC 2005

We are ready with the preparation of the HH2RevE!

If you are interested in the group buy please register
with Jason (see
http://www.ke4nyv.com/hh2revebuy.htm) within a week.
The final cost
for the complete kit is $113 plus shipping.

After registration has closed you will receive an
email with payment
instructions. Please (PLEASE) submit your payment
within 1 week after
you received the email. This is a group buy and due to
the total cost
we can't afford to finance it (~$6000). Those who
haven't paid after
the deadline will NOT be able to participate. We will
only order the
quantity for the paid-for kits. The money will all go
to Jason first.
PayPal will be possible but Jason has to add the
transaction cost to
the price.

As most of us are anxious to get the kit here the
estimated timeline
which unfortunately is longer then we want it to be:
after payment deadline we will order the materials.
The pcb has ~3
weeks leadtime but the company doesn't work between
Xmas and New Year
so we most likely will end up with 4 weeks. The longet
leadtime are
the cases. We wll get a prototype for final approval
firt (2 weeks),
the production quantities are the another 7 weeks.
Again, Xmas may add
a week to this.

73, The HamHUD Team

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