Off Toppic RE: [aprssig] sunroof antenna?

Dave Baxter dave at
Fri Dec 2 03:37:14 CST 2005

Probably conducted back into the cabin by the coax?  1/4 wave's on
mag-mounts are known to cause "hot" coax in the car (badly grounded
current node at the feed of course)  But what you get inside depends on
many things, length of cable, route of cable, position of mount, all
affecting the relative phasing etc etc...
Take care with the HI-3001, not many of them about still in 100% working
condition, in the UK anyway!  We rep ETS/Holaday over hear, and can
sometimes repair them (Depending on the problem) but it will cost!  They
are old kit now though, and were never particularly accurate from what
we see..

Also, check out....
Interesting.  I cant get anywhere near those feild readings at home,
with 100W into a remote tuned sloper, with radials.  No doubt too
ineficient, but I still get good reports though, not that I get much
time to use it these days..

Dave G0WBX


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	Drifting slightly OT and FYI.  Using a commercial RF Survey
meter (HOLADAY HI-3001 Electric field probe) My 1992 camry with NO sun
roof had MORE RF in the passenger compartment than my 1993 Camry WITH a
sun roof.  This was with a mag mount ON THE ROOF.
	5/8 mag on the trunk was lower inside than 1/4 wave mag on the
	Don't remember the relation of trunk vs. roof mounting.  I
think... 1/4 trunk was the worst of all inside.
	Go fugure...
	73, Steve, K9DCI

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