[aprssig] Live APRS mapping in the UK. NG :-(

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Fri Dec 2 09:48:50 CST 2005

Mapserver's not paid anyone a royalty for maps in the UK.  Some 
indivudual(s) may have.

Let me query the Mapserver list and see if there are publicly available 
OSGB maps that they can leverage, or that are available in shapefile 


Dave Baxter wrote:
> Hi..
> Out of interest, and as a paid up and registered user of Anquet Map's, and knowing that application can import and export paths, objects etc, I asked them what information could be available to put together something like the PMap server used in the US, but to work with their mapping program, and other app's like Ui-View etc...
> Well, I guess from what they said technicaly it is doable, but...
> "Unfortunately our license agreement with the OS stop our software from integrating with other software"
> Is the reply I got.   It would appear from other comments, they know of APRS and Ui-View in particular.  Guess I'm not the first to ask..
> So, that's it then..  If we want the UK equivilent of PrecisionMaps, from whoever, it's going to cost, 1000's of £'s (UKP's) for the individual concerned...  It would appear that the OS (Ordnance Survey) do not allow the re-use of their data...
> So I think, what about sites like Mapserver, Streetmap and others, who can produce OS 1:50,000 "tiles" to order.  Guess that's why they are so heavily tied in with all the spam and advertising, to cover the cost of the licence...
> Whatever, it would seem that in the UK at least, we'll never have anything half decent (legaly) in the way of OS map's and APRS, unless you can get a live 'net connection all the time.  And that costs too, anything up to 10 quid a meg for GPRS, depending on who and where you get it from.
> Unimpressed of Milton Keynes....
> Dave G0WBX.
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