[aprssig] Football Run AUDIO Volunteer help?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 2 12:58:44 CST 2005

If anyone is an audio mixer expert, and has
an interest in helping us NOW with combining
the audio of the space station with this
missing audio of our uplink, let us know.

See this web page:

It has the original audio of the ISS crew responding to
us.  We need to splice into that (in place of the
open squelch) the just-now-recorded voice copy of the
transcript of what we said on the uplink
that did not get into the original file.

(leave a little bit of the usual open-sqelch between
us so it sounds like a radio channel and not a telephone)
download it from 

If someone can splice the two together this
afternoon for us for our web page, that would be great.
To avoid duplication, post here if you volunteeer, so
someone else doesnt waste time duplicating your efforts.

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