[aprssig] RE: 9600 APRS satellite on 145.825

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 5 18:18:20 CST 2005

>>> "Christensen, Eric" 12/05/05 5:20 PM >>>
>Yeah!  After I sent the message to you earlier I 
>was able to get a few position packets through 
>PCSAT2 using 9600 baud.  I wonder if there are 
>any I-Gates monitoring 145.825 at 9600???  

Yes. but not as many as we hoped.  There are
two great 9600 baud downlink stations in the
USA, one in Oregon and one in Ohio.

>It was a great experiment to see the packets go 
>through.  All this from a D700 while mobile around 
>Research Triangle Park and Raleigh.

Yes, with a 50W mobile, hitting a 9600 baud bird
is a piece of cake.  That is why we keep hoping that
AMSAT will turn on the digipeat bit on the digital
channel of ECHO  eventually.   Being able to
communicate real-time digitlly from an HT or
mobile via ECHO would help relieve a little bit of
the load on the voice transponder for those people
that really want to make some contacts and dont mind
doing it digitally.

de WB4APR, Bob

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>What sat is on 145.825 using 9600 baud? It just 
>went over Raleigh, NC and I was able to go through 
>it using 1200 and 9600 but didn't catch the packet 
>to see what bird it was.

PCSAT2 will digipeat both 1200 and 9600 baud
equally using the same paths.  What it hears,
it digipeats back down.   But you can also go
cross-baud if you use the path of VIA XBAUD.
Then a 1200 baud packet will come down at
9600 or the opposite.

This is a good time to experiment with 9600 baud
digipeating until they eventually get around to
enabling the digipeat bit on ECHO.  The D7 and
D700 mobile rigs are easy to switch the APRS to
9600 baud.

PCSAT-1 also has a 9600 baud downlink in addition
to the 1200 baud link and should also do the same
XBAUD translation from 1200 to 9600, but it wont
go the reverse, since the 9600 baud receivers 
are OFF.  So it wont digipeat 9600 either (though
it could if we had those receivers on.)..

Hope that helps

de Wb4APR, Bob

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