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[aprssig] Goggle Earth and APRS KML server

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Tue Dec 6 16:29:07 UTC 2005

I am starting a new project, http://aprskml.dev.java.net, to track my APRS KML 
server.  Andrew Rich, vk4tec, provided a great stimulus to finally go do this. 
His public server will be great for people who are somewhere and want to quickly 
find the location of another station, but don't have time or ability to download 
and install some things.

For those who want to use Google Earth for a more extended APRS client, my APRS 
KML server, should help them do that.

The features are the bare minimum right now, just to get feedback.  It only 
displays the location of the listed stations.  But, I'll be trying to graft my 
APRS parser from http://jeaprs.dev.java.net into it so that we can attach to 
TNCs (local and remote) as well as the APRS-IS data, and create a nice station 
summary display for google earth.

There are some interesting features available with the pro version that make it 
possible to display tracks, have a bulletin icon etc.

Until the java.net project becomes active, I've put a short description up at 
<http://wonderly.org/gregg/w5ggw/aprskml/> with a link there to an initial 
aprskml.jar file that you can just download and run to get started.

Feedback welcome, enjoy!

Gregg Wonderly

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