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[aprssig] Getting APRSDOS full size on screen?

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Dec 7 02:01:34 UTC 2005

With laptops, this is usually a function of the video card and not the
operating system.  The LCD pixels have a fixed size, and it's not as easy to
scale an image as it is on a CRT.  The default behavior of some laptops in
lower resolution modes is to NOT do any scaling, which is why you get a
small screen.
If it can be changed at all, it's probably going to be a setting in your
BIOS configuration.  Watch for the message on startup about how to enter the
configuration screen (it's usually DEL, CTRL-F8, F2, or some such.)  Look
for something about screen scaling or resizing.
The downside to this is that if the actual screen resolution and the video
mode the program wants aren't even multiples of each other, it's going to
look bad.  So that's your choice - small screen, or ugly scaling.  I've
noticed that a lot of newer laptops seem to do a much better job of scaling.
I'm guessing that's because they're putting a little more processing power
into it, and instead of just stretching pixels out they're resampling to the
proper resolution.  In that case, you won't get funky jagged edges, but you
might still see fuzziness where you'd expect sharp edges.


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Greetings from NH.
A friend and I have laptops (w/Win98 installed) running the latest APRSDOS.
During boot up, the traditional Windows Logo is short and centered on the
Once finalized, (booted up) everything is normal. Screen is filled from top
to bottom
as usual windows does. But when APRSDOS is invoked from Windows or from a
only boot up, the program runs, but VERY small in center of screen.
I remember years ago being able to change the size of the windows boot
screen, but
have long since fogot. Anybody with advice to get APRS full screen????
Kriss KA1GJU, KA1GJU-3, KA1GJU-9

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