[aprssig] Re: Getting APRSDOS full size on screen?

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Wed Dec 7 13:00:23 CST 2005

If the startup logo in Windows comes up "wrong" the chances are that the video
drivers are incorrect, or possibly that machine has no Win98 drivers and never
will display properly on startup. You'll need to check with the laptop maker as
they are the only source of video drivers for it, if there are none for W98
you're out of luck. If there are, try installing them and check video

When you run a DOS program from a DOS boot on the laptop, you're at the mercy of
the laptop BIOS setup. Odds are that it *only* supports "native mode" and if the
screen is 800x600...DOS won't fill that, it will only come up 640x480 in the
middle of the screen, ignoring the other pixels. Again, something the maker
might support but probably not.

To run that any DOS application "full screen" in Windows, you need to use the
HELP function and see how to set the legacy support for DOS applications. You
can set options for that program--or all DOS programs--that will run it in full
screen mode, or reduced mode. And assuming that laptop has correct video drivers
for that OS, you'll see it running full screen.

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