[aprssig] Voice Repeater Posits...

Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV aprs at almostanywhere.com
Thu Dec 8 08:23:08 CST 2005

On Dec 7, 2005, at 10:23 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> Also, local ECHOlink, IRLP and Winlink nodes should
> also appear on the front panel of your D7 or D700 radio.
> de Wb4APR, Bob

How is this supposed to work? I know we have at least one IRPL and  
one ECHOlink node in town but have never seen info about these show  
up on my display. Both operators use APRS to varying degrees but I am  
not sure that they know what they need to do to "Advertise" their nodes.


Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV
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