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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Dec 8 12:47:47 CST 2005

bruninga at usna.edu wrote:

>3) Have your local IGate operator enable the EXISTING
>beacons from those nodes that are on the APRS-IS
>to enable them to RF.  Then the IGate will send them
>out locally.
>Number 3 works because the IRLP and ECHOlink software
>are supposed to generate these bacons and send them
>into the APRS-IS whenever they change state.  All the
>IGate has to do is allow them to go to RF...

I can't speak for IRLP, but as the operator of  Echolink node 14400 
(which outputs on UHF RF), I CAN confirm that EchoLink DOES NOT 
communicate with the APRS-IS !  

 It can activate a TNC on RF, and it does communicate current node 
status to a dedicated list on the EchoLink website via TCP/IP, but it 
DOES NOT talk to the APRS Internet System.    The TNC setup takes 
exclusive control of the TNC; no other APRS application can co-exist 
with it except for UI-View running in the non-KISS (i.e. command line) 
mode.  The path defaults to "RELAY" in a stock Echolink installation but 
can be changed.  
A second serial port and TNC will be required if normal APRS operation, 
igating, etc is running on the same PC.    

I wrote to the Echolink author suggesting/feature requesting    that the 
interface support the AGW Packet Engine (which allows multiple apps to 
share up to 16 hardware and soundcard soft TNCs) but I haven't heard 
anything back. 

Perhaps some day a new release of EchoLInk will incorporate this feature 
which would  be really useful in my present setup.   [Where I am running 
an VHF and HF igate, APRN and Echolink on a single dedicated PC.  AGW is 
arbitrating the output from both sides of a KAM and the output of a 
KPC3+, and then distributing these three logical streams to 4 copies of 
UIview, UI-Traffic, UI-Messenger and APRS Emergency Alert. ]

P.S.  The help file in the current version of Echolink, in the paragraph 
dealing with APRS,  is referencing the obsolete  .mil  domain for your 
website instead of the  .edu  one.....

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