[aprssig] googleearth and APRS need help from database guys

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Fri Dec 9 08:08:50 CST 2005

Andy - I can make it part of APRS World.

Also you might consider using the APRS World CSV page at:

No telnet connection to establish and it is machine parseable.

Let me know,


Andrew Rich wrote:

> Gudday
> Need some help from the APRS community. googleearth and aprs down here 
> is gaining momentum.
> I am getting more and more requests to use my cgi. (which telnets into 
> findu and then returns data - clunky)
> What I need is some help by hosting a google_earth.cgi on an aprs 
> database server, findu.com aprsworld, openaprs, that will return some 
> simple data.

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