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[aprssig] New APRS

A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) farmer.aj at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 04:40:47 UTC 2005

On 12/9/05, Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ <fred at wb4aej.com> wrote:
>     I think we can round up a Linux box.  We are still trying to find a way
> to get a high speed Internet connection up the mountain, though.  But we can

You don't need an Internet connection up on the mountain.  Your IGATE
(Internet Gateway) can be in any convenient spot that can "hear" your
digi that is up on that mountain.  I'd venture to guess that most
IGATEs are located at people's houses, not at digi sites.  Put your
IGATE where you already have a high speed Internet connection, not the
other way around.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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