[aprssig] New APRS

Frank kg6jve at pasadena.net
Fri Dec 9 22:54:04 CST 2005

I helped put internet on a mountain up at 5000' 5 miles away by building an
802.11b link from my house to the mountain top. A pair of 19dbi 2.4GHz grids
and Senao 200mw Access Point's did the job well. It's been up just over a
year now.

Plus, at the top of the mountain I mounted another access point with a 16dbi
horzontally polarized sector antenna. Pointed it back down to the city
below. Now with with the right equipment, I can deploy a temporary or
permanent broadband connection anywhere in the city that has line of sight
to the mountain top. So far I've tested beyond 15 miles with an 18dbi panel
antenna and Senao 200mw PCMCIA card.

Here's a group that did a record breaking 125 miles point to point with
802.11b: http://www.pasadena.net/shootout05/



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> We are still trying to find a way
> to get a high speed Internet connection up the mountain, 
> though.  But we can be learning and planning.

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