[aprssig] New APRS

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Sat Dec 10 09:51:41 CST 2005

I think if you use a TNC-X or TAPR clone with the custom E PROM then you 
will have a fool-proof digi that can survive power outages and other 
issues and not mis configure itself on reboot. As others have mentioned, 
your igate only needs to be in range of the digi, not at it. I have been 
experimenting with an igate at my house and I really wouldn't want it 
someplace remote. I got APRS+SA working as an igate and also got Xastir 
running very quickly by using Mepis Linux and doing the apt-get install 
routine, which is actually easier than Windows. Where my Linux 
experiment foundered was I could never get Mepis to use the serial port 
on my laptop and connect to a TNC. Since you have 3 radios, you could 
use one for your digi, one for the igate, and one for a 144.99 receiver 
that could resend what it receives on 144.39 up to the digi if you 
wanted to. In Annapolis we have a 144.99 digi that I use when I am 
there. I don't know how common that is in other areas. Also there has 
been some talk of rolling out 6 meter digis if you want to try that. 
Might be interesting to get an old commercial "low band" radio and crank 
out 100 watts :)
73 de N3HG (-1,-5,-7)
Joe Della Barba


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