[aprssig] New APRS

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ fred at wb4aej.com
Sat Dec 10 14:22:11 CST 2005

    That worked fine.


                                                    Fred, WB4AEJ

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> Fred WB4AEJ wrote on Dec 10 2005
> > I tried pulling up that site, but it didn't come up.
> I could browse to the baycom site from here. However, try this trick.
> If you can't get to http://www.baycom.org/~tom/ham/soundmodem
> try going to www.google.com and paste the URL in the search box, and then
> the next screen, look at Google's cache of the site. Of course, you will
> need to be able to get to the actual site to download files from it. <g>
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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