[aprssig] IP Based Modems (TNCs)

Sat Dec 10 14:29:49 CST 2005

I was able to translate via Google.  Looks pretty neat.  425EUR per unit if they are still in production.


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Christensen, Eric schreef:

> Has anyone thought about building a modem (TNC) that can be controlled
> via IP?  I'm thinking of a modem with a RJ-45 in the back vice the
> RS-232 and assign it a static IP and just send data to it.  I could
> imagine some really interesting scenarios with that combination.
> Eric KF4OTN

Sounds like a tnc4e http://www.hbtron.de/afu/tnc4edesc.html
unfortunatly that side is in german so you might need bable fish to make
sence of it.
In short it is a tnc with 3 interchangeble modems (300 baud - 1.5 mbaud)
a serial and ethernet connector and updateable firmware.
It accepts ax25 over tcp/ip or can act as ip over ax25 bridge/router.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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