[aprssig] IP Based Modems (TNCs)

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  See below:

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But how do you point one side to the other?  Is there a way to put in the IP
address of the host you want to connect to.
 The digicom devices: When you want it to connect to a host you supply it
with the host's IP address.  You could also assign it a static IP address to
enable the host to connect to it.  It can also request a dynamic IP address
from a DHCP server.
 Some of the models have multiple serial ports.  I think you can set each
IP/Serial port individually, as a host or as a client, static IP address or


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>That is great!  I wonder how you setup the routing...

    I wouldn't think there'd be any to set up.  It would be a host.  Either

it would get its address via DHCP or you would have to program a static IP

address, a subnet mask, a gateway address, and possibly the IP addresses to

two domain servers (from your hosting provider).  It would connect to a

router and the router would make the routing decisions (if it is off the

local subnet).




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