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[aprssig] Definitive list of APRS apps

Rich Garcia k4gps at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 11 13:27:42 UTC 2005

Curt WE7U has been maintaing such a list for several years now. Quite

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Hi Andrew
On 11 Dec 2005 at 16:16, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Gudday
> I am forming a list of APRS applications - that is any way of
showing an
> APRS location on a map.
> Please help by populating the list
> 1) UI-VIEW (Stand alone Windows)
> 2) XASTIR (Stand alone UNIX and Windows)
> 3) OZI explorer and helper application (Windows)
> 4) GoogleEarth and helper application (both web deliver and
> viewer)
> 5) JavAPRS
> 6) WINAPRS (Windows)
> What else is out there that people are using ? What about WAP
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