[aprssig] IP Based Modems (TNCs)

Wolf Hoeller wolf.hoeller at gmx.net
Sun Dec 11 15:26:23 CST 2005

Hi All!

There are one or two developers in Germany working on new concepts of a real 
TNC with an ethernet interface. One of the biggest problem is to find 
hardware, which is still available in some years too! (That is the reason of 
the stop of the TNC4e!) But it seems they have another problem, that cannot 
be solved. I don't know why.

The WRT54GS with 2 serial interfaces is definitly the cheapest way to convert 
RS232 to TCP/IP running unter 'openWRT_white_russian_rc4' (Linux).

In Germany are some links realized with the Linksys router WRT54gs and in 
Austria in the next weeks the first links going operational. They are 
somewhat a backbone due to the possible higher linkspeeds.
The useraccess through the classic ax25-Packet-Radio-Network is via a TNC to 
the node (RMNC or TNC3 or TNC4). The WiFI-Links are transparent, so the user 
do not see the WRT54gs itself. 
To interface the classic ax25-net and the tcp/ip-wifi-net you need to run 
(x)net on the WRT's. Here the user have a classic digipeater-shell. In the 
newer versions of 'openWRT' some hacker want to implement the ax25-kernel 
support via modules. It looks really good. 

Imagine the following: A peace of WRT54gs and a NSLU2 linked together via LAN, 
both running Linux are a small and cheap broadband packet-radio node with a 
webcam (via USB to the NSLU2). It can be solar powered from a small 
panel ....

Sorry, but I think we are a little bit off topic on this aprs-list ;-)
Wolf, oe7ftj

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