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[aprssig] GoogleEarth and APRSWord interface

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 06:37:38 UTC 2005

Ok, I got it to work, really cool, although I can't find anyone mobile
at this hour, but I will look for it later. Good job to everyone
involved. Gotta keep breathing life into APRS! And to those who don't
know, if your beacon comment start with a web address URL, it will show
up underlined and ready to click in Google Earth. Waaaay cool! Now will
this leave a track behind a mobile station? or is it just the latest
position displayed on the map?

--- James Jefferson Jarvis <jj at aprsworld.net> wrote:

> >http://db.aprsworld.net/datamart/googleEarth.php?call=N7ZMR
> >  
> >
> Like above. You add it to google earth using the add network link
> menu. 
> Set the auto refresh time to 1 minute or greater.
> -Jim KB0THN

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