[aprssig] Re: Belkin F5U409 Adapter

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Mon Dec 12 12:25:15 CST 2005

<<an updated driver for this [Belkin] USB to serial adapter that works with XP

Doc, don't waste your time. A number of people on several lists have reported
the Belkin adapters are problematic at best and often just don't work. Belkin is
warranteed, return it for a refund.

Look for a Keyspan or IBM adapter (similar prices, not expensive) that appears
on the Microsoft "HCL". That's the Hardware Qualificaiton List that can be
reached from the MS web site. It lists *every* piece of hardware that has been
formally tested and confirmed to work with particular OSes. Life is much simpler
if you stick to hardware that someone else has tested and proven to work--at
least starting with that list.<G>

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