[aprssig] Fwd: PCSAT-1 may be hybernating again.

Chuck Kimball n0nhj at amsat.org
Sat Dec 17 16:28:23 CST 2005

Hi Bob:

I happened to hear a packet burst yesterday  16 December - I think it 
was the 18:34 UTC pass, but could have also been the 20:15 pass.  During 
that pass I heard a single packet that sounded like the TX dropped 
before it was complete (on 145.825).  Heard no other bursts during the 
pass from here at Palmer Station Antarctica.

I didn't decode anything from the burst I heard. 

Chuck  n0nhj

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Sometime before 2202z on the 15th PCSAT-1
>suffered a reset to W3ADO-1 and lost its low
>power settings.  Now at 1740z on the 17th,
>I sent the restore commands, but with 33 minute
>eclipses, it is doubtfull they will hold.  We may have
>lost her until March?
>Does anyone know exactly when she shifted back
>to W3ADO-1?  This is the oldest packet that 
>http://pcsat.aprs.org shows:
>2005 12/15/2202z : W3ADO-1>BEACON...,qAR,AC7YY-15:
>Actually, since that is #007, then the actual time of
>the TNC reset was 2155z, but that was a 3 AM over
>China?  If it runs down in eclipse, it is doubtful it
>will power back up while still in the dark.
>Did anyone see anything unusual?
>In the meantime, I have turned off the DIGI and
>set the CALLsign of NODIGI.  Thanks
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