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[aprssig] Opentracker Help Needed

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Mon Dec 19 10:21:29 UTC 2005


Got one of Scott's opentracker kits on the bench.

Volts are good, I know the data is going back and forth from the chip, I see
data on the CRO.

I have a USB to serial adaptor with LED's on it and I can see the PC
transmitting towards the kit when the config program is running.

When I power cycle the kit in the connect mode, sometimes the KIT LED comes
on, showing config mode, but then nothing happens.

I know there is data coming from the chip as well, cause when I power cycle
it, I can see the RX LED in the USB / COM port adaptor flash.

Are there any data speeds or stop bits that need to be set ?

I have tried jumper 2 and jumper 3 (config select in and out) same deal.

Ideas ?

Andrew Rich - VK4TEC
vk4tec at tech-software.net

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