[aprssig] Screen scraper

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Mon Dec 19 19:51:23 CST 2005

Anyone on the sig responsible for, which resolves to  
koala.koalahost.com? Web requests just give an error message...

I admit I've been a bit lax recently because of the hurricane cleanup  
and my new career, but apparently for the last week or so that  
machine has been hitting the posit cgi more than 60,000 times a day,  
or roughly 10% of the total findU load. This is obviously  
unacceptable, and I have blocked this IP from accessing findU. In  
general I discourage screen scrapers, though if someone wants to hit  
the server once in a while, especially if in response to a request by  
a user on their server, no big deal. However this is way over the  
top. If anyone wants to keep their own database they should parse the  
data stream themselves. The APRSworld parser is open source and can  
be used easily...

Steve K4HG

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