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[aprssig] Screen scraper

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ fred at wb4aej.com
Tue Dec 20 01:57:22 UTC 2005


    I get a screen saying that nothing is configured on the server.  Sounds
to me like someone is in the process of doing a rebuild on a Webserver.



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From: "Steve Dimse" <steve at dimse.com>
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Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 8:51 PM
Subject: [aprssig] Screen scraper

> Anyone on the sig responsible for, which resolves to
> koala.koalahost.com? Web requests just give an error message...
> I admit I've been a bit lax recently because of the hurricane cleanup
> and my new career, but apparently for the last week or so that
> machine has been hitting the posit cgi more than 60,000 times a day,
> or roughly 10% of the total findU load. This is obviously
> unacceptable, and I have blocked this IP from accessing findU. In
> general I discourage screen scrapers, though if someone wants to hit
> the server once in a while, especially if in response to a request by
> a user on their server, no big deal. However this is way over the
> top. If anyone wants to keep their own database they should parse the
> data stream themselves. The APRSworld parser is open source and can
> be used easily...
> Steve K4HG
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