[aprssig] via air 144.99

Stan Coleman [NØYXV] n0yxv at gihams.org
Mon Dec 19 21:38:12 CST 2005

Unless I'm missing your point you need to keep in mind that the use of WIDE and
RELAY have been discontinued. In place of WIDE you can usually use WIDE2-2 (or
however many Digi's you want to bother upto WIDE7-7). Use the LEAST numbers
possible to get the job done. WIDE2-2 is better than WIDE7-7 if you get where
you want to go. It's just like your radio, you'd use the least amount of power
it takes to carry on a conversation so as not to QRM anybody else. In place of
RELAY use WIDE1-1.
Totally mad. Utter nonsense. But we'll do it because it's
brilliant nonsense.
     - Douglas Noel Adams

Quoting "A.J. Farmer (AJ3U)" <farmer.aj at gmail.com>:

> Hi Joe,
> I found this on the web:
> To set up a WIDE area APRS digi, simply connect a TNC to a radio, and put
> it as high as you can get it.  Set the following minimum commands:
> cmd:   MY W3XYZ-x                 (the digipeater call and SSID)
>        MYA WIDE                   (this makes it digipeat WIDE packets)
>        MYN RELAY (or)             (This works on KPC-3s as a second alias
>        MYG RELAY                   (on PK-12)
>        UNPROTO APRS VIA WIDE,WIDE,DIGI3...     (so the whole net sees it)
>        B E 60                     (Sets Beacon to once every 10 minutes)
>                                   (or B E 10 for Kantronics)
> I copied it from here:
> http://www.winaprs.org/DOSAPRS/DIGIS.TXT
> I hope that helps.
> Let us know when you plan to make a flight.  I'd like to try it from
> down here in Southern Maryland.
> --
> A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
> http://www.aj3u.com
> On 12/19/05, Joe Della Barba <joe at dellabarba.com> wrote:
> > I want to try flying a payload consisting of a digi receiving 144.99 and
> > sending on 144.39. I have a radio and a PK-12. I would rather not have
> > to haul a laptop too if I can avoid it. Can I configure the PK-12 to be
> > a digi in any fashion, or do I need the laptop too with APRS+SA.
> > Thanks,
> > Joe N3HGB
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