[aprssig] Re: Trimble Placer GPS/DR

Al Wolfe awolfe at Route24.net
Tue Dec 20 00:03:21 CST 2005

    There were several models of the Trimble Placer series GPS receivers. 
Most used the svee-six chip set. They are six channel receivers. Natively, 
they do Trimble's proprietary data called TAIP. Some will do NMEA by simply 
telling it to. Others required a special program that flashed some memory in 
the unit to do NMEA.
    I think the DR model could take input from a gyro and/or odometer click.
    If your unit will accept it recommend you install the coin cell. 
Otherwise often takes 15 minutes or so to lock up as it has no memory 
without coin cell. (Well, some units will take an external 12 volts as 
    Doug Bade, who used to be KB8GVQ, successfully flashed one of my Placer 
400's to do NMEA a couple of years ago.
    Google for GPSSK.exe which is a program from Trimble that should talk to 
your Placer and perhaps allow you to change the protocol to something you 
    Sorry no info here on 37 pin plug.

Merry Christmas & 73,
Al, K9SI

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> Subject: [aprssig] Trimble Placer GPS/DR
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> I had A Trimble Placer GPS/DR follow me home from a recent hamfest. Does
> any one have information as to the pinouts of the DB-37 interface
> connector? It looks like this GPS has inputs from the car to get better DR
> accuracy.
> It is kinda large, but looks like it should play.
> 73
> Glenn

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