[aprssig] Fwd: [amsat-bb] AO51 Digipeater Trial Test

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 20 09:58:37 CST 2005

APRS digipeater enabled on ECHO (AO-51)!

This is a 9600 baud digi that can be hit with any Kenwood D7
or D700 radio.  Just set to 9600 baud, TX on 145.860 and RX
on 435.300.  It will be difficult to receive without a beam most
of the time, but everyone will get 2 passes a day nearly overhead
which will be receivable on their mobile.  This is a test.  So
it is important that we see if this works.

But like any digi, the MORE that use it the less effective it
is.  Here are my suggestiosn:

1) If you uplink, please set a UNIQUE SSID so that if you are
successful, that it will be retained at FINDU.  Do not use that
SSID terrestrially or it will overwrite any successes you may have.

2) Set your rate to 1 minute.
3) We need good statiosn with beams to IGate the dowlink so
that those of us without good downlinks can see any successes

I'm in alabama helping my folks, so I cannot play.
de Wb4APR, Bob
w many of you will participatie in this
test.  My thought
The Digipeater function on AO-51 has been turned on for a "Trial Test
Session".  The test may be paused at any time.  Please keep your digi
packets down to a reasonable level as this is a shared resource.  We are
using one uplink, so the PBBS users and digi users are going to be on the
same uplink frequency.  This is not the 10 watt plus transmitter that is on
the ISS.  It will take a higher gain receiving station to hear the 9k6
signal of AO-51.  You will not need a strong signal for the uplink though,
as AO-51 hears very well. Note that the uplink and downlink are both at 9600

Downlink:  435.300 FM 9600 baud
Uplink:  145.860 FM 9600 baud

If you are using TlmEcho there is a bug in the program regarding the
Digipeat Status display.  That has been fixed in the new version, and a
number of new features added as well.  I will do my best to have the out in
the next day or two.  I have a few more things to verify on it.  I will post
a note here when it is available.

For the time being, if you monitor the 9k6 downlink you can use the LSTAT
status message to verify that the digipeater is turned on.  If the message
contains "d:1", then the digi function is enabled.  If it contains "d:0" the
digi is turned off.

I want to personally thank Jeff, KB2M, and Gould, WA4SXM, for their help in
testing the digipeat function.

Echo Command Station
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