[aprssig] Re: Opentracker Help Needed

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Dec 20 12:43:27 CST 2005

 AFAIK, the fact that the pfranc USB adapter can be used with a signed driver,
does not mean anything beyond the fact that the source of the driver is being
confirmed. The performance of it is *not* confirmed. MS says: "Windows device
drivers and operating system files have been digitally signed by Microsoft to
ensure their quality. A Microsoft digital signature is an assurance that a
particular file is from that manufacturer, and that the file has not been
altered or overwritten by another program's installation process."
 So, it is possible that the pFranc adapter is using a "standard" MS driver,
such as a generic USB device driver, and that's all the more reason it would not
perform a non-standard function (like emulating a serial port). You'd have to
read the driver details to see whose it is, and then check the MS HCL to see if
the *performance* of the device was approved as well. If it is being sold
through various vendors, each may be OEMing it with different drivers, so the
performance may also vary.

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