[aprssig] Re: googleearth and APRS need help from database guys

Gregory A. Carter aprssig at gcarter.infodns.com
Tue Dec 20 21:11:23 CST 2005

I read the following post off of an MSN search I did today, joined the list and thought I'd comment...

>Need some help from the APRS community. googleearth and aprs >down here is
>gaining momentum.

>I am getting more and more requests to use my cgi. (which >telnets into findu
>and then returns data - clunky)

>What I need is some help by hosting a google_earth.cgi on an >aprs database
>server, findu.com aprsworld, openaprs, that will return some >simple data.

OpenAPRS has the ability to create a KML file of APRS stations + IRLP stations based on Google Earth's BBOX property.  This variable is sent via a network link and contains the bounding box latitude/longetude coordinates of the current view.  It can be centered on any coordinates desired.

-- Example --


-- EOE --

That is an example, however because Google Earth is impatient, it claims "connection failed" as our server isn't sending the file fast enough.  We're working on a solution to that and should have it resolved shortly.  If you zoom in close enough to limit the number of matches it should work, if it fails hit continue and refresh the netlink.

We also have the ability to export XML (which our AJAX interface on the main page uses in the background).  The API is not yet published however, if you're interested in accessing it, I'd be willing to work with you and provide instruction.

-- Example --


-- EOE --

I also noticed a post about the stations being off a bit on our maps in both Google Earth and Google maps on the main site.  We believe we've corrected this issue (taught our parsing daemon better math skills).  The problem was corrected last week and any stations reporting since should be displayed in the correct location they advertised.



Gregory Carter
n7nxs at n6nar.org
Northbay Amateur Radio Society

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