[aprssig] RE: How do I block UI-Traffic objects on a Kenwood D700

David Huff davidh at cf.distek.com
Thu Dec 22 17:29:38 CST 2005

WOW! I seem to have hit a nerve here, a bunch of people have sent
private emails to me about this idea (including a couple flames), but
nobody seems to have a practical idea about how to block the TFC_xyz
objects.  First let me clear up a few things.

>>if you are using uiview32, you can block it using.....
I stated in my email I am using a Kenwood D700 in standalone APRS mode,
that means no computer attached, it is running the internal TNC in APRS

>>.. Why don't you politely talk to the nearby person and...
I am not trying to single any 1 person out here, I am finding many
people who seem to run these packets all over, I get traffic packets
from 200+ miles away every day, but that far away from me it is
essentially useless to me, if I saw traffic problems with an area that
far away, there is very little I could do to fix it.

>> you should post this on the other list instead
Over the past few days I have asked this question on 4 separate
APRS/D700 related lists, I have gotten lots of gripes and comments, but
very few real suggestions.

>>..Are you saying you hate UI-Traffic...
NO, I was simply asking how to block receiving UI-Traffic objects, on my
D700. I have personally used UI-traffic, and found it invaluable to
analyze traffic and paths. read below.

I think it is a good idea that people are watching the APRS RF network.
I am all for passively looking at the network, but my problem with
UI-traffic is the ACTIVE transmitted objects. These usually have a path
that allows them to travel way outside their area using the digipeaters,
and clutter up adjacent areas with RF traffic that has very little
value. Most of the time, these traffic objects come from somewhere way
beyond what my radio can hear or transmit. To the best of my knowledge,
there is NO WAY to block them on a D7 or D700 radio in APRS mode.  So
that means that everybody is forced to view the objects, regardless of
how useful or useless they might find them.

APRS was originally designed as a near real time tactical/informational
system. If you want to do advanced traffic analysis for an area you CAN
NOT HEAR directly on RF, then use the internet, that's what the APRS-IS
and FINDU was designed for.  If people absolutely want to report the
traffic levels for an area, then why not report it as a LOCAL OBJECT
ONLY (a path with NO DIGIPEATING), the locals are the only ones who can
do something about it anyway.  Many of these traffic objects seem close
enough to be heard directly by an IGATE or system running a webserver,
so there is no real need to Propagate them further on RF.  

(stepping off my soapbox and preparing for a flame war now)

>I have a question for the list. If I am using a Kenwood D700 in stand
alone APRS mode, how do I 
>block UI-Traffic objects from appearing in the station list? These are
the generic objects that 
>appear as TFC_xyz and usually say something like "25 in 10".


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