[aprssig] who hears my station

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 23 22:23:03 CST 2005

> You could try using HF. There is an APRS network on 
> 10.151mhz, LSB, 300 baud.

But unless you are perfectlytuned, no one will decode you.

>> I wanted to used it in the wilds of Idaho...
>>  for my annual trip.... I wanted to add a TXO-9 and 
>>  ping every hour with 5 watts with a 9 ft whip.
>>I only want one or two internet connections per day.

Then I receommend TX on 145.99 via the ARISS digipeater
on the space station.  Set your path to:
and beacon every 2 minutes.

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