[aprssig] who hears my station

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 23 23:22:42 CST 2005

> "The wilds of Idaho" is exactly the kind of place that 30M HF APRS is 
> ideally suited for.   The band is open to SOMEWHERE almost 24 hours a 
> day.   It's not uncommon to get into an HF igate 500-1000 miles away 
> depending on time of day. 
> What is a "TXO-9"?  
a txo-9 is a high accurracy osc. for a yaesu radio. High accruracy .5 osc.
I have listened and have never heard any thing.
I am wondering if it is hearsay and no one has ever used it.
Just my observation.
It seems if i put my home station on freq I should hear a bleep once in .
a while.
I have heard on people saying it is possible, but i have never heard of 
some one actually trying it and having any success.
I want data.!Not hearsay.

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