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[aprssig] Re: who hears my station

WB4GQK at aol.com WB4GQK at aol.com
Sat Dec 24 12:19:59 UTC 2005


Arte wrote:

>     Years ago, there were several stations designated as "zero-beat" 
>ces.   As I recall, W3ADO was the benchmark and several others situated 
>the USA were tuned steady-as-a-rock to it.   Do these reference stations 
>exist, serving the same function?                                           

I have been using an SGC 2000 for the past 8 years. It is NTIA Compliant and 
as a consequence it is pretty rock solid. In an average 24 hour period I will 
record 30 different stations with as many as 50 transmissions. To my knowledge 
no singular station or stations are set up to be the zero beat station. My 
only fallback position is the SGC2000 only tunes in 100 Hz increments. PERIOD! 
So I hope no one starts tweaking the frequency a few cycles.

73 de Jim

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