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[aprssig] Testing new server

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Dec 25 20:31:44 UTC 2005

On Dec 25, 2005, at 3:04 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Can you give use a summary of which boxes do what ?

Both boxes will do everything when the config is complete, that was  
the point of having a second high powered box under my control.  
However, there are a lot of pieces to the system so I do it one thing  
at a time, test it, and go live. I have almost everything on  
www.findu.com (the most difficult website) running, I still need to  
do web entry of positions (it will accept posits now, but posits  
entered on www2 do not make it to www1), and I just found out tele2  
isn't working, but everything else should be up. Today I brought up  
PropNet on the new machine, and aprsmm is almost fully up. As I bring  
things up and verify them, I go to load sharing on each web site.

The last thing I will make work is emailed position reports (and  
other incoming email), only because I hate messing with sendmail, and  
there is always a slight chance I may die or become incapacitated  
before needing to deal with it (yes, I consider sendmail and death  
within an order of magnitude ;-)

Steve K4HG

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