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Mike Galgano mgalgano at nanosecond.com
Wed Dec 28 03:08:21 CST 2005

I like UI-View. Once you get through a relatively simple setup, it just 
goes and goes. I haven't tried anything else, don't need to. There are 
lots of arguments for it, and a few against it. The strongest argument 
against it is that many people believe something will 'go wrong' with 
the software that can't be fixed, as the author - Roger Barker, G4IDE 
became an SK just over a year ago.

There are add-ons available, and I will shortly add my new WMR968 wx 
station to my setup.

The UI-VIEW yahoo group is very helpful, as well.

Good luck with it, whatever you choose.

The MFJ works ok in some firmware versions, but not others (needs to at 
least support KISS). I mothballed my MFJ and built a TNCx. Under 
software control, KISS is all that is required, though a fully capable 
TNC can answer when the PC burps.


Mike Galgano

Fred Atkinson wrote:

>     The more I'm thinking this project out, the more I think I am going to set up an APRS station at home.  Since I have cablemodem there, there is no reason that digi on our mountain site couldn't relay to my station and let me IGATE it.  
>     Now correct me if I am wrong, but I think I need my MFJ TNC connected to my PC via a serial port and some piece of software to run as a process on my PC (I have Windows 2000 Professional on that PC and have no intention of downgrading it to XP, just my bias).  
>     I think I remember that there were two pieces of software that might accomplish that.  What would you folks recommend for this?  And if I have missed something important here, please let me know.  
>     73, 
>                                        Fred, WB4AEJ 
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