[aprssig] 3D positions in Google Earth?

Gregory A. Carter aprssig at gcarter.infodns.com
Wed Dec 28 21:42:51 CST 2005


We've got an experimental interface running that actually shows the APRS positions with relative to sea level altitudes.  It's running in both our map interface and our tracking interface for Google Earth KML files.



http://www.openaprs.net/ajax/google_earth/track.php?source=<callsign list seperated by comma>



The track lines in track.php are offset by +100m altitude in order to get the line visibly out of the terrain as it gets hidden by GE.

The map interface everyone once in a while will crap out in GE saying "Connection Failed" because GE is impatient, hit continue and refresh the network link in the side panel or just wait for it to refresh in 900 seconds.

Like I said up top, it's highly experimental, the +100m thing sucks as a workaround but when set to "absolute" in GE in order to run by sea level the lines can't be seen without the offset.  Drop me an email if you have any suggestions, hate it, like it, or just feel like flaming me for responding. :)


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> I'll admit I haven't been following all of the Google Earth / APRS
> integration stuff very closely.  Does any solution out there handle plotting
> positions in three dimensions?  What about with tracks?  I still don't like
> Google's navigation interface as well as NASA WorldWind's, but it's OK and
> no one seems to be working on APRS and WorldWind anymore.
> For paraglider and hang glider events (and hot air balloons as well, I
> suppose) it'd be great to have a mapping system that could show the
> positions of stations with projected terrain.  And I'm afraid APRSDOS just
> doesn't really cut it for eye candy anymore. =]
> Scott
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