[aprssig] RE: MacAPRS + D7a

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Fri Dec 30 12:54:59 CST 2005

<<Been trying to get my new D7 working with my new Powerbook.
I am using a
USB->Serial converter that shows up as /dev/tty.usbserial0 . >>

I'd MOST STRONGLY suggest that first you try using the radio with a Wintel PC
(sorry) that has a real hardware serial port on it. In the Wintel world we see a
lot of problems caused by USB/Serial adapters that simply don't work 100%
properly. The fastest way to make sure that your cable & radio configuration are
correct, is to try them on a machine that has a real serial port so that is
simply not an issue.

On the Windows side, USB/Serial adapters that have been MS HCL certified and
listed seem to work 100% of the time with these radios & software. On the Mac
side...Unless there's a "genuine Apple RS-232 serial port gizmo" you can buy, I
don't know that there's an equivalent. Since the Macs never had plain RS-232
ports on them...even with a Mac serial port (RS-422?) you'd need to experiment.

If you can find a plain old external serial modem (lot of them still on back
shelves<G>) with indicator lights on the front panel, you can often use that to
confirm the serial port emulator is working properly too. If it will function to
drive the modem and all the rigths lights come up...the port probably works.

Other problems: Plain defective cables, even from Kenwood. Or pins2/3 cross
wired, triple check the pin outs and cables if they are home wired. Then swap
pins 2/3 and try again anyway, the diagrams and nomenclature are often unclear.

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