[aprssig] Re: APRS for Skywarn ?

Ron Cluster rcluster at rgisp.com
Fri Dec 30 20:58:20 CST 2005

See below,

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> Hi all,
> William McK. wrote:
> >Our local NWS office has recently installed UI-View32 ...
>      While I like UI-View and use it constantly, it's not
> necessarily the best
> choice for this particular instance.   It will show the existence
> and position
> of weather stations and objects ... but will also show everything
> and everyone
> else.
>      Both Win/MacAPRS and APRSDos have the capability of showing
> only specific
> types of stations on their map displays, as well as current
> conditions at that
> location.   This makes for a less cluttered display that shows
> only pertinent
> information for the weather professionals at the NWSFO.  APRSDos
> has the added
> benefit of being able to run on any old PC-clone clunker
> available ... but has
> problems displaying  certain types of weather reports which
> alternate position
> and weather data transmissions.
>           73

This can easily be done with UI-View32 using the Exclude/Include List under
the setup menu. Has a very large selection of options built in, or you can
"roll your own".

The help file also explains how to use the "exclude" list as an "include"
list instead.

Very versatile.

73.....Ron.....AC7TK.....(-9 Mobile, -2 Wx, -1 Work)
UI-View32 iGate in Eugene, OR

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