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[aprssig] MacAPRS + D7a

Greg Noneman greg at clubnet.net
Sat Dec 31 18:19:05 UTC 2005


What version of MacAPRS are you trying to use?

Since you mentioned that this was a new PowerBook, I assume you are  
trying to run the Carbon (i.e. OS X compatible) version.  I may be  
wrong (haven't been keeping up), but I don't think the serial  
interface is yet working on the Carbon version.  It only supports  
Internet connections.

To run with a serial connection, you will have to run an OS 9 version  
under Classic.  This should work OK.  I have used Keyspan adapters as  
well as adapters based on Prolific and FTDI chips.  You just have to  
make sure you have the correct drivers.

Hope this is helpful and sorry if I've stated information that you  
already know.


On Dec 29, 2005, at 6:26 PM, Bobby Lacey wrote:

> Been trying to get my new D7 working with my new Powerbook. I am  
> using a USB->Serial converter that shows up as /dev/ 
> tty.usbserial0 . I have setup my VHFtnc.prt file to indicate the  
> com port. I was also unsuccessful at connecting my D700a to the  
> Powerbook also. I’ve tried it with a Null-Modem cable and without.  
> Could someone give some insight on this setup off list?
> Tnx and 73
> Bobby

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